Director  Richard Arroyo  Lead Animator  Peter Thorneycroft
Animators  Chris Figat, Ryan Haynes, Andrew Tran,
Ashraful Mobin, Sebastien Dussault

Lune 1.0
A Playable Portfolio
Click here to listen to the latest podcast discussing Project Lune with the director and animators.

Imagine getting real experience and the possibility of a playable portfolio while learning from some of the best animators in the industry.

Lune is a TEST LEVEL created in Unity for students to showcase their talents as valuable artists.

During 14 weeks, a group of our students from iAnimate developed a series of Gameplay Animations that mimics the pressures and expectations that will be placed on them in the professional environment.

Our mission was to give a one of a kind opportunity and put into practice the skills they have learned through our iAnimate Games Workshops. With the burning desire to help the next generation of animators be industry ready, we wanted to provide something all our students can use and share with the world.

Note: We recommend using Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer to play Lune. Newer versions of Chrome may have issues loading the Unity3D plug-in.

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